17 Dogs “Getting” Other Dogs Is the Purest Thing on the Internet

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Only scroll forward if you have a box of tissues next to you right now.

1. "He claimed her as his as soon as they met!"

2. "She's been depressed and prematurely aging for months due to the loss of her lifelong friend...so I got her a puppy. I think she's happy."

3. "Got my 5 month old puppy a 3 year old shelter dog! They immediately loved each other"

4. "My best girl, Riley, meeting tiny Olive up close for the first time."

5. "That tail says it all 🤣"

6. "I think my Black Lab is starting to warm up to my Golden Puppy"

7. "My little lab mix Midna is a very smart and sweet but very anxious girl, so I decided to let her pick her own companion. After weeks of meeting dog after dog, at shelter after shelter, today she met the one, a small husky girl who seems to soothe her somehow. Welcome to the family."

"Our first night could not have gone better, these good girls were meant to be best friends, they’ve yet to leave each other’s side. I really can’t even believe how fast they bonded. I’m literally in tears."

8. "The new pupper meeting his big sisters"

9. "Our yellow lab was devastated when her sister died, so we got her a forever puppy (she’s a mini doodle)"

10. "We lost our first dog back in May. Our Starla seemed so lost without him. So we got her a new puppy. This is their first picture together."

11. "I got my mastiff his own bulldog! 😂"

12. "The first Boop between 2 yo Artemis and 8 wk old Astrid"

13. "Gotta teach baby sister the essentials of being a Great Dane"

14. "Jovie got a little sister Minu and it’s been a handful but they love each other so much!"

15. "This was olive’s (right) reaction when we told her that lady (left) wasn’t here just to visit"

16. "Ronan is still adapting to his new sister. 😂"

17. "Guarding the new puppy as she naps"

h/t Twitter thread

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