15 Cats Cuddling With Their Favorite Human

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Is there any better feeling in life than when a cat chooses to cuddle with you?

1. "My V O I D named Marvel was trying to help me sew. Then WE decided to take a cuddle break 🥰"

2. Better your shoulder than the keyboard, right?

Warning, cute overload sensors tripping into the red. Activate surge protection mode, stat!

3. Good to know I'm not the only one who falls asleep with their glasses on

Just cuddles, no wakey.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

4. Settle in for a snooze, my dude

5. "I told the universe that I needed a cat cuddle and the universe provided!"

6. "This is Noodles—Noodles doesn’t cuddle- .....until today—We’re still recovering from the shock 😳"

7. When your chest is their pillow

8. Be the reassurance your cat needs

9. "Here is Oscar with his new favorite volunteer Charlotte, enjoying loads of cuddles 💖"

10. "My bb was recently spayed so is missing some floof! Hehe!"

Big cat, small cat, regardless of size, the impulse to cuddle remains the same.


11. No, you can't have your arm back

Thank you for your service


12. Same for that leg

13. "Coalline the Runaway Queen now has a garden pavilion during the day, though she still trashes her indoor kennel at night. Now that she’s getting some fresh air, and even a little leash time, we’re building trust, and she’s becoming a purry cuddle-monster. Turns out, she was secretly the best kitty ever this whole time. She just wasn’t ready to tell me yet."

14. Cuddlebugs gonna cuddlebug

15. How do I break the mews to my cat that I have to get up in 5 minutes? Asking for me.

He probably thinks he's found the cell.