Got an Anxious Dog? Try a White Noise Sound Machine

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If you've ever had trouble sleeping or relaxing, a white noise machine may have been suggested to help you relax. White noise machines are machines that emit an equal measure of every frequency in the spectrum of noise that we can hear, which sounds similar to static. These machines can help some people focus, and can also drown out unpleasant sounds that might be upsetting or distracting, and dogs can benefit from these same qualities. For pet parents who have dogs with noise anxiety, or, a fear of certain noises, adding a white noise machine for dogs can be an upgrade to the home that benefits your canine pal greatly.


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What to consider when purchasing a white noise machine for your dog

Budget:‌ Noise machines are sold in an array of price points, and it's probably possible to find one that fits within your budget, even if that number is fairly low. If you see a noise machine that you like but can't afford, check the company for a travel-sized version of that machine. Travel-size white noise machines offer the same benefits in a smaller, more portable size, which often comes with a lower price tag.

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Noise Anxiety:‌ White noise machines can be used to alleviate anxiety, including noise anxiety, which many dogs experience. Noise anxiety in dogs is triggered by loud, repetitive, or unpleasant noises, which can include fireworks, construction, neighbors through the walls, and thunderstorms, to name a few. White noise machines can make noisy situations less stressful for some dogs by essentially drowning out the noise. While soothing music and white or brown noise machines can help dogs with separation anxiety, they alone will likely not resolve the issue, so it's best the enlist the help of a behaviorist or qualified trainer.


They Aren't a Magic Cure:‌ White, brown, and pink noise machines can and do work to calm dogs with noise anxiety much of the time. However, a noise machine alone may not help with severe anxiety disorder, and will not "cure" your dog of their fear of loud noises. White noise machines are best used in tandem with training, regular exercise, and enrichment activities in the home.


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1. Yogasleep Dohm Natural Sound Machine

Keeping white noise on in the background for your dog can alleviate stress due to a number of unpleasant situations, from being groomed to hearing the doorbell ring. This machine calms dogs by mimicking the sound of blowing air, creating ambient noise that stays on in the background to help dogs relax. The fan sounds come with two speed controls to adjust the tone and volume of the machine.


2. Homedics SoundSleep White Noise Sound Machine

If you're looking to offer your dog some background noise, you don't necessarily need to do that with a noise machine that's created just for your furry friend. A high-quality white noise machine, like this one by Homedics, offers white noise for people and pets to enjoy, as well as five other soothing sounds including rain, ocean sounds, a babbling brook, a calm summer night atmosphere, and thunder (although that last one might not be so relaxing for some dogs). This is a portable machine that's compact and easy to carry, and powers with a wall adapter. It also comes with volume controls and a timer that turns off after 15, 30, or 60 minutes.



3. Yogasleep Rohm Travel White Noise Sound Machine

If you already know and love the Yogasleep Dohm classic sound machine but need something that's easier to transport, you can opt for this travel-sized version in the same design. This requires no batteries and powers with a USB charger to drown out noise wherever you go. Because this is so compact, it's a great choice for anyone who might need to calm their dog in a car, at the groomer, at a veterinarian's office, or just to keep close by them during bouts of separation anxiety or isolation distress.


4. SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine

This machine is on the higher-priced end of this list and it's a bit larger in size than the rest. It does come with a ton of functions to help keep your dog soothed and relaxed, including non-looping noise from a real fan, minus the energy usage and the cold air that an actual fan creates. There are 10 settings that come with this machine, some of which are designed to specifically calm babies, adults, and pets, so you can choose what's best for your furry friend. You can also sync this machine with an app to control the time that it runs, and a night light, for maximum comfort in any setting.


5. Magicteam Sound Machines White Noise Machine

For the price, this is one of the best white noise machines for helping to ease a dog's anxiety as there are so many settings to try that can help create a calm environment. It comes with 20 non-looping sleep sounds, including white noise, brown noise, pink noise, ocean waves, a bonfire, and more. Additionally, it has 32 levels of adjustable volume to help provide the quietest background noise or a consistent noise-canceling aid to drown out different sounds that you can't control, like thunder, street traffic, running in the home, and more. The time allows you to run the machine for up to five hours of continuous play, and it can be powered by an AC adapter or USB charger.

6. Tuft & Needle x Snooz White Noise Sound Machine

If you're looking for a little machine that packs a big punch, this white noise machine does just that. It emits the sound of a running fan while being 98% more energy efficient than keeping a standard box fan running in the room. You can adjust the tone and volume to levels that are safe for you, your children, and of course, your furry companions. This machine is powered by a USB cable and can be remote controlled through an optional app to adjust timer settings, dark mode, and fading.


7. SandHCoLLC White Noise Sound Machine

For dogs with limited eyesight or other mobility issues, keeping a night light on for them can help them get around after hours. This white noise machine not only comes with 12 different calming sounds to choose from to help keep your anxious dog calmer but it's also made with a built-in night light to offer a bit of added comfort. This particular machine does run on batteries that can hold five to 10 hours of battery life, making it an excellent portable white noise machine that can go anywhere you need it to, but may not be the most practical choice if you need a machine that stays on most days.

8. Doggie Shusher Portable Dog Calming Aid

This isn't exactly a white noise machine, but it does implement the same concept—providing soothing, steady background noise to create an atmosphere that's calm and feels safe. This item works by twisting the bottom to set a timer, creating up to two hours of soothing noise that's designed to comfort dogs in stressful moments. What is that noise? It's the sound of gentle, rhythmic shushing, recorded by an actual human voice. This device can be powered by a USB cable, comes with volume control settings, and is built with a durable exterior for indoor and outdoor use.

9. LectroFan High-Fidelity White Noise Machine

Finally, if you can't decide between fan sounds and white noise, this machine offers both options, along with brown noise, pink noise, and over five more ambient noise settings to choose from. This model features a 60-minute timer built in, as well as precise volume control settings to help you set the perfect mood for your canine companion. You can power this with an AC adapter or a USB cable and have three shapes and two colors (black or white) to choose from.


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