Stop Scrolling, Start Loling: These Are the Week’s 16 Funniest Cat Photos

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1. "This is our daughter's dog, Anakin, when he first met Monster."

Anakin will only have the higher ground for so long...


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "This N O R T I E tortie isn’t even mine 🥰"

Remember, you don't choose cats, cats choose you.


3. "Was on a very important Zoom call with a client when my cell-less co-worker did this"

Spidercat, spidercat, does whatever a spider can. 🎵


4. "Willie met one of himbs distant relatives today!"

I can see the resemblance!


5. "She thinks the new seat at the table is for her."

Good luck convincing her otherwise.



6. "Find Olivier 🥰🐻❤️🐾"

Where does the cat stop and the rug start?


7. "She has no idea how the car got inside the computer. Absolutely flabbergasted"

She's waiting patiently for her turn to drive the Lambpurrghini.


8. "I finally caught Willow doing her stretch she does. 😌"

Cue the Wednesday Adams' dancing GIFs.


9. "Get your senior cat a kitten, they said. It'll be fun, they said."

"I hope this photo gets lots of engagement on your timeline, I really do"

Meryl taking one for the team.


10. "I said till two is now closed"

Will that be cash, charge, or cat treats?? 🐈 ❤

11. "Someone's ready for spa day"

Rub the belly at risk of life and limb.

12. "This is Charlie. He likes to look at the golfers outside 😅"

He takes his role on the neighborhood watch very seriously.

13. "Cutest trust exercise ever"

Floppers gonna flop.


14. "Your cat can’t sit on your keyboard if the keyboard sits on them 😏"

My my my how the tables have turned.

15. "Reluctantly sharing the heating pad"

The snuggle struggle is r-r-r-r-r-r-eal.

16. "Sandal's face when I told him that millions of cats are brushed against their will every day and that the people who do it aren't even in jail. This is the moment he realized life is not fair"

"No clue how he manages such injustice"

Thoughts and prayers for kitties everywhere.


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