17 Photos That Are Peak Orange Cat

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More proof that what orange cats lack in brain cells, they make up for with cattitude.

1. "This is what I came home from work to…they thought the sugar was so much fun to roll in !!!! I have 2 cell-less boys."

Every day is a day at the beach with orange cats.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "You'll know he reached peak orange when he breaks the window shade so he can get behind it and see in the room instead of looking out the window like any non-orange cat would. 🤣"

Hide-and-seek master.

3. "Our new rescue Zippy trying to download the cell from the internet."

Hims doubles as a laptop stand. Very versatile.


4. "Eliot (smeliot) has only 1 thought in his head… He’s not happy we took the donuts onto the porch 🤣

Clearly never eaten in his life.


5. "Nope Buddy has yet to receive the cell! Nothing going on in there!"

Hang this composition in the Louvre already.



6. "This is Shmung. He loves going out on the trampoline, his squish mallow, and licking bugs off the flywire."

Shmung ain't letting the lack of the cell hold him back from living his best life.


7. "Asked my roommate for an update on my cat Tofu and she sent me this 😭"

[The Pixies' 'Levitate Me' plays inbackground]


8. “Why have thoughts when you have arms?” — Jack, probably.

Short on thoughts, long on reach.



9. "During the winter storm I brought this guy inside to make sure he'd survive, I'm starting to think he's not leaving."

You didn't choose him, he chose you.

10. "I suspect the cell was in temporary use last night…we have two suspects in questioning regarding the missing green frosting on the last cupcake that was sealed in a tin 🤨🤨"

The scene of the crime.

Suspect #1

Suspect #2

Neither cell nor regret between them.


11. "Can't find the tail, never mind the cell."

His day will come, you'll see.

12. "Ok, who has the orange cat brain cell today because it is definitely not Ginny."

13. "Billy definitely did not have the cell this morning. Bamboozled by a cartoon bird."

Gotta admire the persistence.

14. "Taking a quick window break after running around like drunken maniacs all morning."

I think one of these cats might be a squirrel. 🤔


15. "Yes, this is comfy."

Totally normal cat logic.

16. "Mother... I'm trapped!"

Even when the door is open they still want you to let them in. 🤷

17. "No, no it's fine I wasn't trying to get up or anything."

Settle in and get comfy, my dude.