15 of the Laziest Cats to Ever Lazy

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There are more than 1,517,848 photos tagged #lazycat on Instagram. Here are 15 of the most slothful.

1. Do not disturb, hims busy.

2. "If you're getting up, can you grab me a beer from the fridge, Toots?"

3. Putting reward (the warm draft wafting up) before risk (the irrigation system that could turn on at any moment now).

4. Why let that good gravity go to waste?

5. When the rock is this warm, you wouldn't move off it either.

6. Like asking four different people for directions and getting four different responses.

7. When it's Tuesday but you're already in weekend mode.

8. "Yes, I'm comfortable, and no, I won't be moving anytime soon."

9. An impressive trifecta: back, side, and tummy sleeping all at the same time. 🤔

10. Cats declaring possession by sitting on whatever they feel is theirs: In this essay, I will...

11. Just another lazy employee shirking the responsibilities of their job.

12. Big reaching-for-the-iPhone-charger-from-bed energy here.

13. This is how work chats can go very, very wronggggggggg;alksdjfa;lskdfja;lsdf.

14. The hustle might not be there, but you can't knock the execution.

15. He has brought eternal shame upon his house. 🤦


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