16 of the Funniest “My House, Not My Cat” Photos

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Cats: Making themselves at home in your home — since forever.

1. "My spy cam, not my cat"

The two of you are going to talk about your car's extended warranty whether you want to or not.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "Left the sliding door open for a couple of minutes. Came back to find this one sniffing the chicken bones in the compost bucket."

From the looks of it, probably not the first time.

3. "She came out of my baby’s room, then enjoyed the sofa. We don’t have a cat."

Your sofa is now their sofa.


4. "What made this morning’s trip to the bathroom interesting is that I don’t actually own a cat."

Deny it all you want, but you have been chosen.


5. "This is my house. We don't own a cat!🤘🏼"

He's jamming out to "The Pretender," duh.



6. "This is not my cat. They just showed up at my house a week ago. 🙄😆🥰"

The Universal Cat Distribution System has decreed that this is, in fact, your cat.


7. "Meet Harold. He used to live up the street. He spent all of his time in my yard, and snuck inside multiple times."

Recidivism has never looked so cute.


8. "My car, not my cat...."

Clearly, he thinks the roof is a cat-sized hammock.



9. "Definitely not my cat! I think Bear is gradually making this his 2nd home 😆"

Biiiiiiiiiiig streeeetch confirms the impending kitty takeover.

10. "My kitchen, not my cat. My older cat escorted him in through the kitty door and walked him over to the food bowl!"

Be proud, you have raised a caring child.

11. "These two guys are my cat, Bubba’s, friends. Including Brown Cat! (The other one I call Pip). But this is his crew. They’re two outside stray cats, formed an alliance with mine and have been patrolling the hood ever since. Probably longer than I realize."

Tight bros from way back when.

12. "Doing dishes and glance out the window These are not my cats."

They want to know if you have any games on your phone.


13. "This is my mom in her kitchen. She doesn't own a cat."

Looks like you're setting the table for three.

14. "My house, not my cat (or sponge.) She just came running through the garden and into the house with this thing in her mouth."

Gonna go out on a limb here: It's not her sponge either.

15. "We have 2 cats and this is not one of them.🤷"

Correction: You now have 3 cats.

16. "My family, our new house and definitely NOT our cat. It is a neighbourhood-cat but still is around when people present 😁 former owner used to feed him and now it seems our responsibility 😎"

Buy a house, get a cat. That's a win-win.


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