Let’s Just Look at 17 Sleeping Kitties

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Some lists are about mischievous cats getting into hijinks. This, readers, is not one of them.

1. "Device will meow when charging is complete."

Sleep mode is always on with this unit.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "How I keep her off the laptop."

I aspire to this level of wholesomeness.

3. "Brothers and best buddies, Sully and Finn."

Because the only thing better than 1 sleeping cat...


4. "Watches an NSYNC video one time..."

Dance is his passion.


5. "Where does Lil Noodle stop and the fuzzy blanket start?"

Camouflage level: Expert.



6. "She is a big fat bossy monster, but a little angel when she is asleep"

Are we talking here about one cat or ‌all‌ cats?


7. "More proof cats can do a doze literally anywhere"

The dishes are done, man.


8. "Him slomp"

[Immediately types "slomp" into the search bar at Urban Dictionary.]


9. "Stretching even when sleeping"

This is how you multi-task.


10. "Has a bed, a tower, a chair, and at least 6 blankets and still insists on napping here. 🤷"

It's called Cat Logic and you'll never understand.

11. "Like a fluffy balloon drifting up into the air after someone let the string go"

How else do you think they get up to the cloud bed in the sky?!

12. "This is our cat Bob in his kitty swing! Out of our 4 cats he’s the only one who will use it 🐾 loves to rock himself to sleep"


13. "Party, sleep, repeat"

Come 3 AM weird things start falling down throughout the house, 😂😂😂😂


14. "Midnight and her favorite stuffy"

Because cats hugging plush animals will never not be adorable.

15. " Now throw your paws in the air / And wave 'em like you just don't care"

Quick, while the defenses are down, er, up, go in for the belly pets.

16. "Everyone be quiet, my cat is trying to sleep"

Don't you dare disturb this precious baby. 🤫🤫🤫

17. "Artemis fell asleep while playing in her tunnel. She found the seam between the tunnels and just passed out LOL 😹😹"

Tunneling is hard work!