15 Funny Cat Photos All Cat Lovers Need To See

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All the week's best photos, all in one place.

1. "Tuna?! That's so funny. I also happen to love tuna."

How could you possibly so no to a face like that?


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "My cat looks like a catholic saint portrait here"

New Patron Saint of Gravity and Ledges just dropped.

All jokes aside, she really does tho.

This is why we have Photoshop.


3. "When they clip your best couch scratching claw 😤😤😤"

Doin a big pout


4. "Airline G1G1 has been fueled with rocket fuel!! She is preparing for vertical launch with passengers!! Fasten your seatbelts and shoulder harnesses! We are in for some turbulence 😂"

To infinity, and beyond!



5. "Me trying to cheat just a little on the vision test at the DMV"

Trying to get that purrfect score: 20/200.


6. "When the world is your hot tub (she climbed in here right before we went to use it). Shout out to my partner for doing the holding up 😹"

The Cat Photoshop group is going to lose its collective mind when it sees this one.



"I just ran into my former foster pup in the street and it was like that guy who sees his lion friend for the first time in ten years"


This level of enthusiasm has to be earned.❤️❤️❤️



7. "Arthur when I’m lifting instead of giving him all my attention"

Next up: Cat Curls. 3 sets of 10 reps each. Focus on your form and don't forget to breathe.

8. "He loves watching tv with his Pops!"

Time for another episode of ‌Claw & Order‌.

9. "The bigger the yawn, the bigger the stretch."

This is how cat's multi-task.

10. "Someone abandoned this lady at an apartment complex dumpster. now this trash kitty is our pride and joy. meet Marnie."

Welcome to your new forever home, Marnie.😻😻😻


11. "I wanted to share Jack and his shenanigans. He lives for attacking toilet paper, laundry as you're trying to fold it, the bottom of your dress as you're trying to walk, and paper bags. Especially paper bags!"

To Jack's everlasting surprise, he did not find the cell at the bottom of the bag.

12. "This is Kevin…. Need I say more 🤣💀"

Mayday, MAYDAY, taking evasive action to avoid human affection.

13. "I get frustrated by how my cat acts at the vet. but honestly, if anything he's being really reasonable considering that his best friend has brought him against his will to a stranger who takes his blood, pokes at him, and criticizes his weight for some unknown reason"

You are a model of restraint, Sandal. Good boy!

14. "Get down here and do some situps with me."

Elbow to knee, no cheating.

15. "Mom calls me her pretty baby. My human sister (Mom’s birth child) is jealous 😊."

Nothing like a little interspecies sibling rivalry. DRAMA!


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