15 Orange Cats Who Found Themselves in Ridiculous Predicaments

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So much facepalm (but don't worry, they were all promptly rescued).

1. "He has once again got himself into a bind. Not a cell in sight."

2. "Unbelievable. He then had the audacity to yell at me."

3. "Please look at my child getting himself into a pickle on the new cat tree"

4. "Five AM this morning… was woken up…flipped on the lights… to find THIS."

5. "POV: Your chonky brother is using you as a pillow again 😂"

6. "He lost his pink ribbon when it went down the back of the radiator"

7. "I couldn’t find him for like 10 minutes"

8. "Simon is DEFINITELY not stuck up there, he has everything under control and he DEFINITELY knows how to come down again"

9. "Mistakes were made, regrets were had"

10. "Ron would like to contribute with his recent escapade of jumping in mummies bath"

11. "When your cat is actually an 😲 emoji IRL"

12. "Pixie doesn’t know how she got into this predicament nor how to get out it. Please call 911 ASAP"

13. "Left the lid open for a couple of minutes, came back to find this"

14. "Couldn't resist the allure of the pillow"

15. "He went looking for the cell behind the washer"


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