15 Dogs Pursuing Their Musical Dreams

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They may not have opposable thumbs, but these dogs are in full pursuit of their musical dreams. Stop them at your own risk! From pianos and inflatable guitars to cellos and recorders — there's nothing these pups can't play.

1. When your instrument of choice is bigger than your entire body.

2. Just rocking and rolling. Literally.

3. What do you mean this inflatable guitar won't actually play music?

4. Tickling the ivories was never this adorable.

5. Move over, Mozart!

6. I'm doing it wrong? You just don't understand my unique technique.

7. I'm just tired of the same old chord progressions, ya know?

8. Keeping the beat is harder than it looks!

9. Composing a masterpiece takes time.

10. The worst part of playing the cello is lugging it around all over the place.

11. Piano prodigy at your service.

12. The trick to holding an inflatable guitar is being very, very gentle.

13. No problem, I can play any melody by ear.

14. So pooped from practicing the ukulele all day.

15. Pro tip: When you don't want to practice anymore just chew up your recorder.


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