15 Cats Interrupting Their Humans’ Productivity With Impunity

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Let's face it, we love cats because they are adorable, fluffy tyrants. They sit on our keyboards, interrupting our productivity without remorse, and we just let them. And why not? If they didn't interrupt us, we might work too much and forget to take our much-needed breaks. They're doing us a favor and we should be grateful!


1. Introducing the world's fluffiest IT support.

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2. Cat: 1, Productivity: 0

3. "Sorry, boss, my cat just called an "all paws" meeting."

4. No, human, you shall not work in peace.

5. Laptops are basically cat magnets.

6. And the battle for attention continues.

7. Mastering the art of "computer sabotage."

8. When your cat's dream job is being a keyboard critic.

9. A new method of keystroke logging unlocked.

10. The look that says "stop working or else."

11. A cat on its throne (a laptop and several textbooks).

12. Trying to look innocent. And failing.

13. Cat code for "I missed you": disrupting your work.

14. Study buddy level: Expert Procrastinator.

15. Work interruption always starts in kittenhood.

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