People Are Sharing Photos of Their Kitty “Coworkers” & It’s Pretty Great

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When work from home turns into work with a feline (sometimes) from home.

1. "This little orange fella once rode the elevator by himself to my office at the 6th floor and just purred on my lap while I worked"

2. "Interchangeable supervisors Gracie & Lulu"

3. "When the email finds you but you aren't well"

4. "I have all the helps I need."

5. "Chip appears to be very good at code review👌🏻"

6. "Core competencies included rubbing face on literally everything, batting at hands on the keyboard, showing tail to Zoom calls, and bopping cord organizers onto the floor."

7. "Bring me pictures of Spider-Man!!!" [bangs table with paw]

8. "This is Shamous 🥰 he is our office boy! Loves to climb and nap and steal office blankets 🤍"

9. "Sonny and Cher: warehouse pest control"

10. "Chloe thinks this meeting could have been an email."

11. "She's making sure the laptop doesn't get stolen"

12. "You're getting sloppy: the noun isn't in agreement with the verb, catnip is one word, not two, and you forgot the Oxford comma."

13. "Not much filing going on."

14. "As per my previous email."

15. "I set out a dummy laptop as a decoy and she took the bait!"


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