15 Cat Photos Guaranteed To Make Your Day 100% Funnier

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Come right this way for the LOLs.

1. "Templeton is the bestest helper when it comes to course prep."

I need a course prep animal.


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2. "This is Ken. His job is orange."

He's a huge fan of the pawtriarchy.

He likes Near but not Touch?


4. "Flips over her tent, immediately gets mad that her tent is flipped over."

Cat logic.


5. "Ferdinand would like you to know that he is buffed."

If I was a bartender, I'd give him a Coke for free because he's already got the jack.



6. "ATTENTION ESTEEMED PASSENGERS: an emergency landing at the biscuit factory has taken place but we will resume our route shortly after refueling, thank you"

You might say he really kneaded them (I'll just show myself out now, k thanks).


7. "Lucy to the vet: 'NOPE'"

Peace out.


8. "He’s lived here almost 2 years and just discovered the bathtub. I take a bath every night"

Where is your fur, human?


9. "Best. Expression. Ever."

That's not a cat, that's a house monkey.


10. "When you really, really, really want to disable the motion smoothing on your parent's TV"

Because that's what heroes do.

11. "Our cat is obsessed with blanket forts, so we made him this."

He has wares, if you have coin.

12. "AWWLERT!! Glider 1 performing maintenance on Glider 2 for wings in training."

Ewww, gross, I want the mews, not the weather. (J/K, this is adorable.)

13. "Miso is so pretty, and yet, so furious."

Matthew Modine voice: "I think I was trying to suggest something about the duality of cat, sir."


14. "I beg of you all to take a close up portrait of your cat as if they were making a profile picture."

You can't convince me this isn't actually an image of actor Brendan Gleeson.

15. "All 5 brain cells in this picture are in the cat pinned to the ground"


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