People Keep Posting Pics of Cats That Are Making Us Laugh Until We Can’t Breathe

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Make. It. Stop. (J/K, we'll never not LOL.)

1. "Show me something in your house that was not a cat bed, but thanks to the Power of Cat Logic, has become a cat bed. I'll go first:"

Surprised he hasn't dragged a blanket up there.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "My orange thinks he’s a chihuahua, and my chihuahua thinks she’s an orange. What to do?"

Even after putting on my glasses, I see no difference here.

3. "Poundcake is not pleased with being held back from the kitchen counters"

Poundcake is going to do what Poundcake wants to do.


4. "…i do not have a cat"

Surprise, you do meow.


5. "This cat was asleep in the ferry ticket window in Greece. You had to do your transaction over her."

If you have a coin, the cat has wares.



6. "Buster. Being dramatic because he didn’t get an egg roll."

Whispers to self: ‌is there a cat version?


7. "Niko stealing my daughter’s bra!😂😂😂"

Peak orange cat behavior.


8. "If I fits, I sits" tiny, cat-sized, impossibly hard-to-reach shelf edition.

Cue the ‌Mission: Im-paw-sible‌ theme.


9. "Huge shout out to Shambles, who was supposed to fast overnight for his neuter, for managing to pull this box of treats closer to his crate, open it, and grab multiple treats to snack on through the night"

Can you blame Shambles when the product is literally called "Temptations"?


10. "Me every Sunday night, contemplating the impending arrival of Monday morning"

Relateable AF.

11. "When you type 'Do a Barrel Roll' into the search bar and Chrome freezes up halfway through"

Basically art.

12. Me, 40 weeks pregnant, anxious, uncomfortable....Prince:

Hims helping, it's just a new form of physical therapy called Acu-purr-ressure. {‌Promptly races out off stage to avoid flying tomatoes.‌]

13. "Meanwhile, in Florida..."

Cat-egory Level 1 Purr-icane winds brought him here.


14. "Happy spooky season to all those who celebrate 🎃"

Black Cats come throughhhhhh.

15. "What's the point of buying them toys when her favourite thing in the world is some trash."

This is a question my wallet asks with surprising frequency. 🤷

16. "My cat and I have a delightful game: 1) he sees me use the computer, 2) he sprawls on my lap, 3) he becomes inexplicably Very Angry that I continue to use the computer, and 4) he attacks my hands & leaves. I do not know the rules of this game, but I have definitely never won it."

Exactly zero humans have ever won this game.