Let’s Celebrate Spooky Season With These 15 Funny Cat Photos

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Black cats come throughhhhhh!

1. "His presence was foretold in the ancient murals."

2. "We were watching a thriller on TV and he did an impression of the tag on his collar"

3. [Vincent Price voice] "Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here..."

4. "This is what happens when you let your black cat watch one scary movie during Spooky Season"

5. "Blaze patrolling the neighborhood, silently judging the houses which haven't put pumpkins out yet"

6. "Best. Shower. Curtain. Ever."

7. "I'll get up when the cat gets up

"The cat:

8. "A throne fit a spooky king"

9. "Mars was born for this"

10. "In this house, we celebrate Spooky Season 24-7-365"

11. "When you turn the front porch light off on Halloween, but trick-or-treaters still ring the doorbell 😱"

12. "Salem's reaction when I told him it was October 1st"

13. "Pepper celebrated Spooky Season by jump-scaring me into a different dimension 🤣"

14. "Came back to the room to discover Jasper had already put on his spooky cobwebs costume 🤣 — he didn't even need my help"

15. "If I fits, I casts a spell against my enemies"


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