15 Cat Parents Who Immediately Regretted Decorating the Christmas Tree

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It's not officially the holiday season until cats renew their blood feud with the Christmas tree.

1. "Our tree had ornaments for approximately 1 day"



Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "I'm so glad you're here, that tree just fell and almost killed me!"

The evidence is wholly circumstantial, your Honor.

3. "I put the tree up & the box under it. Before I could even fluff the tree he took over the box🤣"

Great, now you've made it even more tempting.


4. "I made this into my holiday card last year!"

That card would hang on my fridge 24-7-365.


5. "Mom put a gate around the tree because she was afraid Weezer might try to climb it…"

Spoiler alert: It did not work.



6. "Clearly a team effort here. The tabby distracting everyone with her cuteness while the orange cat prepares to torpedo headfirst into the tree."

Sounds like the naughty list will be getting a new addition.


7. "Day one of decorating… this is how it’s going so far."

Hello Clarice.


8. "Yep my cat did the same thing"

Look for the eyes...


9. "Your pain is my pain xx"

This is what we call a target-rich environment.


10. "This is why my Christmas tree doesn’t have decorations anymore"

Yoinks, this is mine meow.

11. "They climbed straight to the top🤦"

Double trouble.

12. "Proof cats will try to murder the Christmas tree regardless of where you put it"

Hang it from the ceiling, already.

13. "Lifehack: Hang ornaments from every single branch to make it hard for cats to climb."

Challenge accepted.


14. "It’s Hazel's first time seeing a Christmas tree"

Fret not, the tree was a fake and no pine needles were consumed.

15. "The only appropriate Christmas tree when you have cats."

Peace in the kingdom has been achieved....for now.


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