15 Cat Photos That Are Too Ridiculous for Planet Earth

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You want funny cats? We have funny cats.

1. "I’ve got a couple of copy cats! My sweet Luna and Nora. 🖤 #twinning"

Looks like the cover of a comic book issue with an unlikely foes-turned-friends team-up.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "PURRLOT SQ158 does not feel like flying today she is too tired from committing serious acts of violence over turkey."

Someone call 911 because I'm not sure this hooman is still alive.

3. "This was last year, she needs a naughty one this year lol"

The one in the back can't be up to much good either. 🤔


4. "His favorite band is NSYNC"

And I thought my jokes were bad.😬


5. "Picked up this little guy at Aldi 🤣"

The orange section in the produce row was popping off.



6. "That’s a black cat to beware of. This orange is obviously a threat to nothing except common sense 😆"

They're not wrong.


7. "Please accempt these under the door reachies from Colby Jack"



8. "Salem is not impressed with being mocked in the form of paint"

Mews meets muse.


9. "Orange boy tanning day❤️"

Devices will purr when charging is complete.


10. "My brain could not comprehend this photo at first 😅"

Where does the pillow stop and the cat start?!

11. "Peak orange behavior"

Future Hide & Seek Champion

12. "My cat, Winston! he’s the silliest cat i’ve ever met."


13. "NO, he's not my backpack."

Where do people come up with these captions?!


14. "Vin got stuck in a coat sleeve — AGAIN!"

Stuck is a funny way of saying he volunteered.

15. "The new Mission Impawsible trailer looks LIT!"

Cue the '80s needle drop.


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