14 Wholesome Cats Photos That Will Immediately Put You in a Better Mood

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Vibes feeling off? These cats can fix that.

1. "Oh my heart! 😻😻 Indy, the grey one, is 9 months old and Lilly, the light orange, is almost 3 months old."

2. "New Baby I Adopted today 🤍 Meet Sugar! I’ve never seen a cat colored like her!"

3. "I'm extremely grateful to be able to work from home a couple days a week. There are far fewer distractions"

4. "Hims half cat, half reptile — but seriously, who needs overhead lights when you have eyes like these?"

5. "My sweet Miso, I rescued from living in my dumpster, got to experience his first Christmas tree this week 😭"

6. "This little 2.3lbs man is accused of stealing my heart 😍 His name is Elton John and broke out of the Humane Society today! He didn't know what to think of me at first, but now, as I'm writing this, he is curled up on my shoulder."

7. "Oh, hey. You're home early. I didn't hear you come in."

8. "Nux had a baff because he frewed up (hims better now ❤️)."

9. "The 5th lord of chaos has emerged from the warp. Kittyus, herald of destruction." 🤣

10. "Excellent form, the difficulty of this level of dive will surely impress the judges. 10 across the board!"

11. "Future hide-and-seek champion - the idea was solid, but the execution needs some work"

12. "I need someone that looks at me the way my little junior girl looks at me 🥹"

13. "He has RGF - resting Grinch face but is really just a big sweetie. UPDATE: He's been adopted!"

14. "Peets. That’s it. That’s the post."


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