15 Times "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Director Had No Chill On A Caturday

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This is filmmaker James Gunn.

He’s a writer and director with more than 20 years of experience working in Hollywood.

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His early projects include cult classics like Slither and SUPER, but he’s best known for Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, a modest little indie romcom (*winks playfully*) that made all of the box office monies in 2014.

Like so many of us today, Gunn is very active on social media, where he uses his assorted feeds to tease on-set developments, answer questions, surface cool fan art, drop highly-anticipated trailers, and break extremely ~important~ updates.

He’s also — spoiler alert! — a big softie when it comes to animals. Scroll through his Instagram, for example, and you’ll see a veritable menagerie of fuzzy critters, everything from owls …

…and sloths…

…to monkeys…

...and raccoons (perched here on his shoulder is Oreo, whose likeness and movements were used to model the character of Rocket in GOTG).

(Also making regular appearances: beloved woofer, Von Spears, who doubles as a trusted member of his production team.)

For all that adorableness, though, a careful assessment of the photographic record reveals that Gunn returns again and again to one of the internet’s most enduring hashtags: #Caturday.

1. The apple of his eye is Emily, a beautiful rescue that adopted him about four years ago.

2. Both muse and model, she appears in the majority of his #Caturday posts and what’s striking is just how deep their bond is. Sometimes they exercise together…

3. …but sometimes, ya know, she has other ideas. Reminder: never skip leg day. Never.

4. When she isn’t settling into a sunny spot…

5. ...they'll play games…

6. …or nosh on a tasty treat.

7. Cementing his status as a certifiable crazy cat dude, Gunn had a so-called “catio” added to his house so Emily can safely enjoy the outdoors.

8. Although, like any self-respecting feline, sometimes a simple cardboard box is all she really wants.

9. While Emily might be the focal point, Gunn isn’t afraid to spread the #Caturday love around…

10. …or shine the spotlight on other cats when their Star-Lord cosplay game is something fierce.

11. He even house sits for his friend’s animals, which is pretty awesome and not really the kind of thing you’d expect an established Hollywood star to do.

12. Though rare, his #Caturday posts occasionally take a more serious turn, like this one where he reflects on the passing of Gatsby, one of his kitties. :(

13. Still, in the end, Gunn knows that #Caturday is a celebration not only of cats but all pets…

14. …and the loving relationship…

15. …humans share with them!

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