Dog Spends 2 Days Warming Injured Friend On Freezing Train Tracks

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It's pretty widely accepted that 2016 has been full of awful, terrible, no good, very bad news. But here's a story that will serve as a bright spot in an otherwise terrible year.


As Bored Panda reports, two dogs in the Ukraine just lived the most unlikely and heartwarming survival story.

When one of the dogs was injured on a set of train tracks and left unable to move, her friend stayed with her to keep her warm and safe, and by all accounts saved the injured pup's life.

“When we arrived, it turned out that one of the dogs, the female, was injured and couldn’t move," Denis Malafeyev, who was involved with the rescue, wrote on Facebook. “The male dog was doing this for two days in a row. Think about it. He was keeping her warm.”

A concerned citizen put in a call to animal rescue when the dogs were spotted on the tracks. Someone even captured the most harrowing part of their story on camera. When trains passed, the dogs would duck their heads down and wait for the trains to pass over them.

BRB, sobbing tears of joy forever.