Just 15 Photos Of Dogs In Socks, NBD

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Internet will never run out of adorable pet-photo trends.

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Just when you think you've seen every possible iteration of funny kitty photo, the interwebs' power gives us something like cats smooshed on glass tables and you find yourself once again, bowing to the genius and the insanity of the World Wide Web.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

The Internet is back once again with a hilarious and super-duper cute pet photo trend, one basically any dog person can recreate at home with their own pup. Buckle in and brace yourselves for DOGS IN SOCKS!!!

1. It's hard to explain exactly why dogs in socks are so funny, but maybe it's better this way.

2. Hang in there, lil guy.

3. And the only thing funnier than a dog in socks is a dog in SOCKS THAT MATCH THEIR SWEATER!

4. Look at this dog experiencing 10,000 feelings because he is wearing socks.

5. This dog is straight-up dazed, like he doesn't even know how to process the power and the glory that is PAWS IN SOCKS!

6. Cutie over here shows us that you don't even need socks on ALL your paws to feel like you're queen of the world. Front paws work juuuuust fine.

7. Socks just on the back paws is also completely acceptable (and awesome).

8. This is a dog who knows she is a boss because she is wearing pastel striped socks with hearts all over 'em.

9. Good boi

10. This Boston Terrier is taking dog socks to the next level with OMIGOD SOCK MONKEY SOCKS!!!

11. Look, it makes sense that dog socks are en vogue at the moment. If you live most anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere you know it's flipping COLD right now!

12. It's always nice when a trend can service both fashion and function.

13. And, you know, be totally hilarious to boot.

14. We hope that dogs in socks becomes a seasonal tradition because JUST LOOK.

15. #dogsinsocksforever


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