15 Cats Who Are In Big Trouble

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It's been said that cats are intuitive creatures. But it doesn't take a psychic to know when you've screwed up big time.

So here are a few cats who are well aware they've crossed the line.


Video of the Day

1. This cat gets caught red-handed but still attempts to hide the evidence.

2. "Lucky learned to jump on counters so decided to help making pizza😬😹"

3. "At least it only looks like blood, right guys?"

4. "Stop putting stuff on the places I like to sit."

5. "It was like this when I got here."

6. This cat who prefers his owners shoes to his bed.

7. Busted!

8. This cat is convinced he'll be invisible if he just stays frozen.

9. It's not this cat's fault an expensive laptop makes a great stepping stone.

10. "Before you get mad...just remember that I'm not the one who chose paper windows."

11. This cat putting its interior design skills to the test.

12. This badass cat spilled coffee all over and DNGAF.

13. If a tree falls in the house and nobody is around to see it happen, does it still require consequences?

14. Meow-ilyn Monroe.

15. "You're right, this isn't my litter box."

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