Cat’s Heart Shaped Markings Will Make You Fall In Love

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All cats have hearts of gold, but some also have hearts of fluff. Meet Zoé, the cat who wears her heart on her chest.


Zoé and her sister Izzy have been taking the internet by storm with their absurdly cute Instagram. The two are mixed British Shorthairs, although Zoé has become fluffier and fluffier as she's gotten older (hence her nickname The Fluff).

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The cats' mom, Joane Smienk, had initially only planned to adopt Izzy. But when she saw Zoé and her irresistible heart marking, Joane couldn't resist taking both of the cats home, and the rest is history.

You can't blame Joane; the two cats are pretty adorable together.

While Zoé gets lots of attention for her heart as well as her general floofiness, Izzy can hold her own in terms of cuteness. Many have noted her extremely expressive face.

It doesn't hurt that their Instagram is populated with high-quality photographs that really showcase the cats' best qualities. Their photos are always well-lit and flattering, and the photographer has a keen eye for capturing the best cat moments.

We highly recommend following Izzy and Zoé on Instagram. Their shenanigans are sure to warm your heart, plus you can follow their journey from kittenhood to adulthood, and watch Zoé grow into her heart. Browsing their feed is the perfect way to start the new year. Happy floofing!