These 24 Plump Puppies Prove All The Good Things In Life Are Chubby

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Puppies may be cuter than unicorns, cupcakes, and waterfalls combined. And the only thing better than a puppy — aside from two puppies — is a chubby puppy.


Here at Cuteness, we love their fat rolls, furry curves, and tickley round puppy bellies. Seriously, these rolly pollies are more than any of us deserve.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Keep calm and puppy on!


1 He's not fat — he's just a little husky.

2. Wiggles are just fat laughing!

3. Those abs, though.

4. "I want a hot bod, but I also want hot tacos."

5. Pups are like country roads... the best ones have curves.

6. This pup is not fat; she's fluffy.

7. Rubenesque AF...

8. Keep calm and hug them curves.

9. Can we get gravy with this potato?

10. "U even work out, bruh?"

11. Beauty runs in the family.

12. It's hard work being so cute.

13. "I'm chubby; let's party!"

14. 99 problems, but curves ain't one.

15. A matching set of chubby fluffs.

16. Exercise? I thought you said extra fries.

17. A shovel full of curves.

18. Welcome to round town!

19. I workout everyday. Just look at my muscles!

20. Num Num Num Num Num

21. I'm not out of shape. Round is my shape.

22. Never miss leg day, bro.

23. "That's okay; I didn't want to cuddle anyway."

24. What if I never find out if I'm a puppy or a teddy bear?

BONUS LOVE CHUNKS: We're not sure if this image is for real, but we love it all the same!

BONUS CHUBS: Baby platypus are also knows as puggles, but we call them platapups.


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