How to Assemble a Metal Dog Crate

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Collapsible metal crates can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily, which makes them ideal for those traveling with pets. A drop pin dog crate requires a bit more work to assemble but offers a secure and comfortable space for your dog.

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There are many brands to choose from and while the Retriever 2-door wire crate instructions and Kong dog crate instructions are similar, there may be some differences, so be sure to check the product label and assembly instructions for details. After assembly, be sure to inspect the crate and make sure that all hooks have been properly secured to keep the crate sturdy and safe for your dog.


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Collapsable dog crate assembly

Collapsable metal dog crates are easy to set up in your home. Remove the flattened metal crate from the box and place it flat on the floor so that the removable plastic pan is at the bottom of the crate. Some crates will have a latching device on the side that holds the metal panels together. Remove the latch and lift the top two layers of the folded crate. These layers are each connected to the bottom of the crate so they will open like a book as you unfold them.


The crate will now have the top, bottom, and two side panels in place. Pull up the next layer of the crate, which is usually the door panel. Once in place, it should be secured with the latches on the sides. Secure the top by pulling the door forward so that the hooks can slide over the wire on the top panel. Repeat this process with the back panel of the dog crate.


Drop pin dog crate assembly

A drop pin dog crate does not have panels that stay attached to each other. Instead, each metal panel is separate and connected with hooks and a metal rod in the corners. It is a bit more complicated to set up and you may need help to line up the panels. If you have a model with two doors, make sure you place the panels correctly according to the package instructions.


Remove the crate from the box and follow the package instructions to identify each panel. Place the bottom panel, the widest one with upright hooks, on the ground and line up the two side panels on the ground next to it with the loops at the end of the wire facing upward. Next, connect the two side panels by laying the second rung over the hooks of the bottom panel. Then pull the panels upright so that the hooks secure the sides to the bottom panel. Position the top panel and secure the hooks to the side panels.


Now, hang the door panel from the top panel using the hooks. The door should be placed on the side of the crate that has the pan stop latch. Secure the door by inserting two of the corner rods through the hooks of the side and door panels. Repeat this process with the back panel. Finally, insert the plastic tray and secure it with the pan stop.



Selecting a dog crate

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A crate can keep your dog safe and provide him with a space of his own, which is comforting for animals traveling away from home. Make sure that the crate you purchase is large enough to allow your dog room to stand up and turn around easily. It should be approximately two inches taller than your dog's shoulders and give him two inches of space behind him when he lies down.


If the crate is too large, puppies may choose to eliminate in a corner of the crate. If you are purchasing a crate for a puppy, you can select one that will be large enough to accommodate him at his adult size and use universal dog crate divider panels to temporarily reduce the size of the crate. Some crates may come with divider panels or as an alternative, you can make your own panels with cardboard.



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