How to Assemble a Top Fin Aquarium

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Things You'll Need

  • Aquarium stand (or furniture piece that will support your Top Fin aquarium)

  • Aquarium gravel

  • Three pieces of driftwood

  • Plastic stick

Top fin aquariums have everything needed to provide a healthy environment for fish.

The Top Fin aquarium kit is available with virtually everything the hobbyist requires to begin fish keeping. The all-glass aquarium has an attractive black finish and is sealed with non-toxic, 100 percent silicon sealer. Top Fin offers cabinet-style stands for their various size aquariums that are designed with a dedicated canopy, which holds the fluorescent tubes. Aquarists can choose from different size aquariums, including 29, 55 and 75-gallon units, suitable for both novice and experienced hobbyists.


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Step 1

Position the your aquarium stand on a solid and level section of floor. Place the stand out of drafts and away from windows which receive long hours of sunshine to prevent unwanted algae from becoming established in the tank.

Step 2

Place the Top Fin aquarium onto your stand.


Step 3

Pour your aquarium gravel into a 10-gallon bucket and rinse it thoroughly under a running garden tap. Tip out the water, without spilling any of your gravel.

Step 4

Place sufficient gravel into the aquarium to create a 1-inch thick gravel bed.


Step 5

Arrange three pieces of attractively shaped driftwood into the aquarium.

Step 6

Fill the aquarium with tap water. Pour the water carefully onto the pieces of driftwood, to prevent disturbing the gravel bed.


Step 7

Add11 teaspoons full of Stress Coat to the water. Stress Coat, which is supplied with the Top Fin aquarium, neutralizes chlorine, which will damage the sensitive gills of your fish, unless removed from the water. Stir the water well with a plastic stick as you are adding the Stress Coat.


Step 8

Add 11 teaspoons of Stress Zyme to the water. Stress Zyme, which is supplied with the Top Fin aquarium, provides beneficial bacteria that break down the metabolic waste of the fishes. Add 11 teaspoons of Stress Zyme on days seven and 14 as well.

Step 9

Position the hang filter on the back rim of the aquarium and plug it into a power source.


Step 10

Place the heater into the aquarium and plug it into a power source. Stick the LCD thermometer strip against the outside of the aquarium, in a position where it can easily be read.

Step 11

Place the Top Fin hood onto the aquarium and plug it into a power source.