Facts About Baby Chihuahuas

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Newborn chihuahua pup

Chihuahuas are native to Mexico, named after the Mexican State of Chihuahua. The birth of chihuahua puppies can be exciting for everyone in the family, but in order to help those puppies grow healthy and strong, there are a few things you need to know.


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Since chihuahua babies are very small and will not grow to be large. Chihuahua puppies may have short or long hair and are born in a wide variety of colors. Many chihuahuas are born via cesarean section because of their big heads.


Chihuahua babies will eat and sleep often during their first weeks and should be kept in a box or kennel in a quiet and warm location. The mother dog should be able to access the area easily with no distractions from family members or other pets.



Newborn chihuahua babies will nurse frequently. If the mother is unable to nurse or pushes any puppies away, they will need to be fed puppy formula by hand. To do this, put puppy formula into a small bottle with a small rubber nipple and insert it into the puppy's mouth.


Chihuahua puppies are prone to many different congenital diseases and other health-related issues such as glaucoma and hypoglycemia. They are also susceptible to fractures and other accidents when puppies. A vet should be consulted shortly after birth.



Due to their small size, young chihuahuas should not be left outside unattended as hawks, coyotes or other animals may mistake them as prey. Children should also be kept away from chihuahua babies to avoid accidental injury to the puppies.