How to Buy Toys for Aquarium Fish

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How to Buy Toys for Aquarium Fish
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How to Buy Toys for Aquarium Fish. Pet fish living in an aquarium have the advantages of plentiful food as well as freedom from predators and other dangers. However, like most creatures, fish need stimulation to be happy and healthy. Buy toys for aquarium fish to give your pets opportunities to exercise and play.


Step 1

Watch aquarium fish for signs of boredom, stress and loneliness. Even if there are multiple fish in your aquarium, they may not be underwater allies. Recognize that fish that chase each other and nip one another's fins may be bored. Likewise, a fish that swims sluggishly or seems unduly fascinated by activity outside the aquarium may feel isolated.


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Step 2

Think like a fish. If you had fins and scales, you would probably enjoy a playhouse, jungle gym or obstacle course. Places to explore, hide and rest are high on the list.

Step 3

Search pet stores and online pet product websites for fish toys. You can find a great selection of fish toys at the PetSmart website and the Foster and Smith website (see Resources below).


Step 4

Make sure that none of the fish toys have sharp surfaces or shed toxins that can hurt your fish.

Step 5

Consider investing in an aquarium device that makes bubbles or a water wheel. The motion can provide hours of entertainment for a fish.


Step 6

Buy items that make good fish toys, even if that was not their original purpose. Examples include smooth stones, toys that a human child might enjoy, large glass beads, a silk plant or a vase or flower pot.

Step 7

Shop for toys intended for pets other than fish. Diversions for the footed and furry can be enjoyed by the finned and scaly. Toys designed for pet rodents or birds can be a good choice. A tunnel for use by pet mice or hamsters can make a fun passageway for fish to explore. Likewise, a bird ladder can become an object of exploration to swim around and between the rungs.

Step 8

Look for brightly colored toys that provide more interest for your fish. Vary the shapes and textures of the toys. For example, some fish enjoy playing with miniature balls.



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