What Can I Put Down in the Yard to Control the Smell of Dog Poop?

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Having a yard for your dog to play, relax, and relieve himself can make life easy for pet guardians and enjoyable for pets. Because dogs use the bathroom outdoors, in most cases, constant elimination day after day can certainly add up, and may leave your yard smelling less than fresh. Fortunately, keeping your yard odor-free can be done with both store-bought and do-it-yourself deodorizing solutions, as well as regular yard upkeep.


Chemical neutralizer solutions

An easy and effective way to control the smell of dog poop in your yard is to apply a chemical treatment to the area, like Simple Green, NaturVet, Nature's Pure and other varieties. Start by removing all dog waste from your yard and disposing of it properly. Then, spray your yard with water using a garden hose. Many chemical neutralizers are liquid varieties that attach the end of a hose to be applied over the affected area before being rinsed away.


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If your yard is filled with gravel, mulch, or is made of cement or concrete, you can still treat the area in the same way as listed above. If you are spraying a hard surface area, it is recommended that you treat the space in the early morning or late evening when the daytime sun will be less prone to evaporating the mixture too quickly.


DIY odor control ideas

When eliminating odors using a do-it-yourself method, the same pantry staples and household favorites that are commonly used indoors can also work in lifting smells from your yard. Baking soda is a tried and true favorite known for absorbing odors, and white vinegar is also well known for removing odors thanks to its naturally enzymatic properties. To treat your yard with either, or both, of these items, simply apply a liberal amount to the area, allow it to sit for several minutes, then soak the area with a generous amount of water until diluted.


Hydrogen peroxide is also frequently used to eliminate odors, and may even assist with your yard's health if you have grass in the area. When it's applied as a 10% diluted mixture, hydrogen peroxide can work as a weed preventative, and even assist with soil health by adding oxygen to it. Additionally, a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water can help manage odors as well by removing harmful bacteria and fungus from plants and soil, which may contribute to unwanted smells that can linger in your yard.


For old, lingering, or aggressively strong dog poop odor in a yard, try thinking like a farmer. You can try to absorb the odor with a number of natural substances, like cedar chips or straw, both of which are used to keep chicken coop smells under control. Additionally, agricultural lime, also known as dolomite and calcium carbonate, can absorb unwanted smells as well, just be sure to steer clear of quick lime and calcium oxide, which can be harmful to pets.


Clean yard habits to keep

The best way to keep your yard odor-free regularly is to make practicing good yard hygiene a regular part of your pet care, and home care, routine. Picking up dog poop as quickly as possible is the best way to keep your outdoor space smelling nice and fresh. If you can't pick up poop as soon as your dog eliminates, implement a yard cleaning schedule, like at the end of the day, or twice a week to avoid letting the piles add up. Additionally, be sure to keep your dog's poop in a covered receptacle to keep smells under control and to avoid attracting flies and other pests, and send it off with the trash on your weekly pickup day.



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