What Can I Put Down in the Yard to Control the Smell of Dog Poop?

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Cleaning the poop is the first step to maintaining a nice-smelling yard.

Whether you live on a busy street where dog-walkers allow their pets to defecate on your front lawn, or you possess a back lawn where you let your pet dog do its business, obliterating the smell of dog poop can be unpleasantly challenging. However, many options exist to keep the air around your home smelling fresh, from natural to chemically proven methods.

Odor Neutralizers

Clean up all dog poop from your lawn and spread a chemical odor neutralizer over the area to eliminate the smell. Odor neutralizers include the brands Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover and Un-Duz-It, both of which are recommended by veterinarians for their functionality.

Chemical-Free Odor Absorption

Sprinkle natural odor removers on your lawn to eliminate the smell of dog poop without using chemicals or synthetic fragrances. One brand of natural odor remover is a product called Clean the Air, from the company Earth Care Products. Odor-absorbing products do not cover up smells with fragrances; instead, the granules absorb odor, leaving the air neutralized without harming animals or vegetation.


Plant a flower garden around your lawn and allow natural scents to overpower the smell of dog poop. If you prevent dogs from continuing to poop on your grass and always clean up after your own pet, you can use flowers as a natural air freshener during the time it takes for your lawn to become clean again. Lavender is an especially pungent flower, providing a scent that will waft through open windows while freshening your lawn.

Repel Dogs

Stop the odor of dog poop at its source and keep other people's dogs away from your lawn with a safe, non-toxic dog repellent. You can obtain a variety of products designed to produce an odor unpleasant only to dogs. One brand is Farnam's Repel Away. The gel crystals used in dog repellent products don't harm lawns and will not sicken animals if accidentally consumed.