What Can I Spray on My Yard to Keep Dogs From Digging?

If your dog is digging and destroying your yard, take a deep breath. You can shoo Doggie away by spraying certain substances in the area where he's digging. Whether you want to go natural or you're just looking for the most effective commercial offering, most spraying products cost little and can be quite effective.

Rhodesian Ridgeback is digging in the grass
No treasure to be found there, Doggie.
credit: Christian Müller/iStock/Getty Images

Commercial Products

Countless commercial dog repellent sprays are available from pet retailers. You can spray these directly on dirt or on the plants and trees surrounding the area where your dog usually digs. Biodegradable sprays containing citronella repel many dogs but won't hurt the greenery and also work to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. Or look for sprays containing garlic oil, clove oil or pepper extract.

Homemade Solutions

If you'd rather use a more natural approach, you can try a homemade spray solution for your yard, Dogs dislike substances like hot pepper sauce and citrus oils; you can dilute these in water to create a spray. You can also try vinegar. Even fresh peels from oranges and lemons may work; simply spread them around the yard on the areas where your dog tends to dig.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you're using a commercial product, make sure that the spray solution you choose will not harm your garden plants. Even using natural ingredients, you should allow the applied spray to dry before letting your pets outdoors. This is because some products, such as hot pepper, can be irritating to the skin and eyes.

What Else You Can Do

You might need to try a few different solutions before you find one that deters your dog. Rain and snow will dilute the strength of the spray; even without precipitation, you'll have to apply sprays repeatedly.