How to Clean the Carpet After Parvo

The Indiana State Board of Animal Health estimates that parvovirus can survive in carpet for approximately 30 days. Carpet is much harder to disinfectant than non-porous surfaces such as concrete because the fibers in the carpet absorb the virus. It is safest not to allow pets in a carpeted room contaminated with parvo for one month, but since this is not always feasible, disinfection of the carpet is an alternative option.


Step 1

Steam clean the carpet thoroughly, using hot water and regular carpet shampoo to remove feces. Feces from a parvo-infected animal contains high numbers of the parvovirus.

Step 2

Fill a pressure sprayer with a pet-safe disinfectant labeled as approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to kill parvovirus. Follow the disinfectant manufacturer's instructions to determine the proper amount of disinfectant to use; some disinfectants require dilution with water. Spray the wet carpet thoroughly with the disinfectant, making sure to thoroughly saturate the carpet through to the padding. Leave the disinfectant on the carpet for a minimum of 10 minutes or longer if specified by the manufacturer.

Step 3

Add the parvo disinfectant to the steam cleaner machine, either undiluted or diluted, depending on the disinfectant manufacturer's directions. Steam clean the carpet.

Step 4

Read the disinfectant manufacturer's directions to determine if the disinfectant requires rinsing after application. If the manufacturer recommends rinsing the surface, steam clean the carpet again, using only hot water.

Step 5

Let the carpet air dry. Open windows and place fans in the room to speed the drying time.