How to Clean a Schnauzer's Beard

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If you snuggle your schnauzer's cute face and then exclaim, "My dog's beard stinks!" it's time to get serious about your pup's facial hair. As distinguished and professorial as this extra fur may appear, especially on the giant variety of the breed, schnauzer beard care is an important part of owning this canine. By keeping a schnauzer beard trimmed and debris free, you'll own a pet who looks (and smells) his best.


Your dog's beard can hold on to odors.
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Schnauzer beard grooming

As you start to think about dog beard cleaner to tackle your schnauzer's beard, know that grooming a pet's fur isn't just about fighting odors and looking spiffy. Regular grooming, whether it's your poodle's tail and legs or a schnauzer beard and eyebrows, can keep skin irritation from developing and fleas from taking up residence in your pup's fur. In fact, if a dog's fur matting grows out of control, it can restrict or even cut off blood flow in your pet's limbs.


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Schnauzer beard care

Regular grooming can keep skin irritation from developing.
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Owning a schnauzer, whether it's a mini, standard, or the giant kind, means regular brushing and trimming of her fur, including the body, beard, and mustache. The schnauzer dog is one of the few types that have a beard. Other physical hallmarks of these three schnauzer breeds include a wiry, snug-fitting coat and bristle-like whiskers, making the job of grooming somewhat time consuming.


To clean a schnauzer beard, make a point of wiping her face after each meal and trip to the water dish so bits of food don't become embedded. A weekly beard washing is also a good idea to keep odors at bay.

Brushing and bathing frequency

General grooming tips that apply to most breeds are also suitable for schnauzer beard care. Bathe your dog regularly depending on how dirty he gets at playtime using a mild shampoo to scrub his fur and then warm water to thoroughly rinse the suds. Pay extra attention to your schnauzer's beard to be sure you've removed any debris and tangles. Trim carefully around his mouth and eyes lest his facial hair grow to cover his sweet features. Brushing your schnauzer's beard as well as the rest of his stiff double coat at least weekly can help prevent mats and tangles from forming.


When to see a pro

If you notice lesions, cysts, or any other skin irritation, whether or not you think it's related to your dog's fur or beard, check in with your pet's vet. Even the most careful and regular brushing and trimming may still result in a fur condition that needs professional care.



Your dog's doc can also tell you which tool is right for your animal's coat texture and length, though in general, a medium-coated animal like a schnauzer is best groomed with a bristle brush. You might also add a slicker brush to remove dead hair and use dog clippers for a schnauzer beard trim.


Skip human hair care

A medium-coated animal like a schnauzer is best groomed with a bristle brush.
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As much as you want to nix your dog's beard stink with a spritz of perfume or another favorite item from your bathroom vanity, don't be tempted to use human hair care products on your dog. Beauty-aisle potions, like shampoo, conditioner, or eau de toilette meant for humans, shouldn't be applied to canine fur. Dogs have a very sensitive nose, and some products may contain toxic ingredients or lead to a respiratory problem if inhaled in any quantity.


The same goes for using household scissors on your dog's fur mats. Instead, stick to the dog aisle at the grocery or shop in pet stores for dog-approved hair care implements and products. Better still, make an appointment with a licensed groomer, as the schnauzer breed along with Airedales and Scottish terriers sport coats with patterns that may require a more steady, practiced hand to keep them healthy and beautiful.



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