How to Clean Up Dog Diarrhea

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Dog owners know that what goes into their canines eventually must come out. Occasionally, your pal might make a colossal mess that requires more than a trip outside with a plastic bag. Cleaning up dog diarrhea is no easy business, but with a little elbow grease, you can restore sparkling clean order to your surroundings.


Cleaning up dog diarrhea is yucky but something you'll have to do!
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Clean dog diarrhea quickly

Ultimately, the first step in cleaning up your dog's diarrhea is to remove as much of it as possible from the affected area. Get there fast to keep as much as possible from soaking into the flooring. Latex gloves might come in handy for this step. Using paper towels, remove as much of the mess as possible. Regardless of the area you're cleaning, try to scoop the mess rather than rub it into the surface.

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Cleaning carpet of doggie diarrhea

It's uncanny how a dog seems to find the best flooring in the house when he has an accident, and carpet can hold stains and odors like a grudge. Remove maximum yuck by folding several paper towels, placing them on the soiled area, and applying pressure — with your foot, for example, protecting your footwear with a plastic bag.


Clean it up without rubbing it in.
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White vinegar can help neutralize pet odors and reduce the appearance of stains on your rug. Combine one cup of vinegar with one cup water in a spray bottle or bowl. Cover the area liberally and allow the solution to set for several minutes. Then scrub with a clean cloth. You can also choose a commercial product with neutralizing enzymes to remove pet odors and stains. Enzymatic cleaners remove both stains and odors, which is especially important as it deters dogs from marking their scent on the area again.


Many hardware or vacuum stores will let you rent a commercial steam cleaner, or you can arrange to have the carpet professionally cleaned. Unfortunately, it is sometimes impossible to eradicate old stains and smells from dog diarrhea in carpet. Urine, vomit, and diarrhea can soak through the carpet, and sometimes your only option is to replace it.


Remove diarrhea from other surfaces

Homeowners love the beauty of hardwood floors, but your dog can do a number on them if they are having a bout with diarrhea. The first thing to do to clean and protect your shiny hardwood floors is to quickly remove the liquid mess as soon as you see it. Next, use a specially formulated wood cleaner to clean and treat your floors, following the product's instructions. Alternatively, you can mix dish soap and a gallon of water. Use a soft cloth or mop to apply the cleaner to the floor and don't oversaturate the floor with extra liquid.



Gently sop up the mess, and pay attention to any easily overlooked nooks and crannies, like near baseboards or underneath furniture. Clean up small cracks in the floor, woodwork, or baseboard with a toothbrush, and discard after use.

If your pet's accident stains the floor, there are ways to cover up or remove the stain. One easy way to cover up the floor stain is by placing a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide on the wood for a few minutes to bleach the stain. If needed, you can try sanding the wood with a scouring pad or sandpaper. Use a water-based polish to replenish your wood's natural shine.


Cleaning dog diarrhea outside

Scoop up diarrhea with a garden scoop, and rinse the scoop and grass well with a garden hose.
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While you hope your dog's diarrhea won't be a reoccurring event, dog waste can leave burn marks on your lawn. Scoop up diarrhea with a garden scoop, and rinse the scoop and grass well with a garden hose to disburse the waste and reduce unsightly burn and bare spots.



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