The Best Couch Fabric for Dogs

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The Best Couch Fabric for Dogs
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If you love cuddling with your canine on the couch, it's vital to choose upholstery that can stand up to your dog's hair and wear. You don't need to hide your couch under a bulky cover to protect its good looks. Modern fabrics such as Crypton and microfiber stand up to scratching and nesting from even large dogs, and they offer easy cleanup.


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Crypton: Fabric of the Future

Crypton fabric takes top honors for durability, stain resistance and ease of cleaning. The material's fibers are pretreated prior to weaving with acrylic latex, resulting in material that is antimicrobial and stain resistant. The heavy-duty fabric will never absorb doggy odors and resists showing signs of wear.

Cleaning and Stain Removal: Simply wipe away pet hair with a dry, soft cloth. For messier spills, make a spray solution of 1 teaspoon detergent and 16 ounces of water. Loosen the substance from fibers with a soft-bristle brush, blot and rinse with clear water.


Comfort: Crypton is breathable and soft, not sticky or rubbery.

Bonus: You can use Crypton outdoors, even in the rain or direct sun. UV-resistant fibers won't fade even after several months.

Certain Kinds of Microfiber

If Crypton furniture is a little out of your price range, microfiber provides a less costly alternative. The synthetic fibers come in weaves that look like velvet, suede, brushed denim and other upholstery fabrics. Liquid substances, such as dog drool and urine, come up easily from microfiber if it's fresh.


Cleaning & Stain Removal: Wipe away pet hair with a rubber glove. All microfiber is made from polyester fibers. Check the microfiber code on your sofa to know how to clean it. Code S-W is the most versatile for homes with dogs, as you can clean it with solvents or water-based cleaners. Avoid microfiber with the X code, as you'll only be able to vacuum this type. Some types of microfiber can end up with water stains from cleaning attempts. Apply protectant when furniture is new, and reapply according to manufacturer's directions.

Comfort: Soft, breathable microfiber fabrics will give you and your pooch plenty of hours of snuggling.

Bonus: If you have a cat as well as a dog, microfiber's ultrafine synthetic fibers are less likely to fray than traditional fabrics.