How to Cut a Shih-Tzu's Hair Between Its Eyes

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Things You'll Need

  • Fine-toothed face comb

  • Rounded end scissors

  • Small grooming clippers (optional)


Use caution when trimming the hair around any sensitive areas, especially the face and eyes. Never attempt to trim the hair of a dog that is not calm, or a dog that is struggling.


For dogs that are unfamiliar with grooming, or owners that are new to trimming and grooming, use a helper to restrain or hold the dog or handle tools to keep the groomer's hands free.

Trimming a Shih-Tzu's hair is an important part of grooming.

Shih-Tzus are lively, fun-loving dogs that come in a small package. They are friendly with people and other pets, and can make loving companions for families. However, they come with extensive grooming needs. At the minimum, this breed's long, thin coat requires a daily brushing, and the facial area needs special attention. Specifically, owners of Shih-Tzus must keep the fine hairs around the face out of the eyes; do this by keeping the coat clean and trimmed. Trimming the hair between a Shih-Tzu's eyes is simple and will make life for this small breed much more enjoyable.

Step 1

Ask the Shih-Tzu to sit or lie down, if the animal is familiar with and trained for grooming sessions. When grooming, the dog should be in a secure location where it is comfortable, at ease and not distracted by other animals or activities. If the dog is unfamiliar with grooming, have someone hold the dog to prevent injury to the animal.

Step 2

Comb the hair around the face with a fine-toothed face comb. Remove all tangles and knots, and brush the hair back away from the eyes and nose.


Step 3

Section off the hair into three parts: a left, middle and right. Take the left section (over the left eye of the dog), and holding it between the first and middle fingers, gently pull the hair straight forward. Using the rounded end scissors, cut the hair to about a half-inch above the eye.

Step 4

Trim the right section of hair as the left section was cut. Once both sides are trimmed, brush the hair again. If the hair is still too long, continue to carefully trim until the hair is short enough. Take care to not cut the dog's eyelashes.

Step 5

Grasp the middle section of hair and very carefully begin trimming. Work from the top of the nose to the corner of the eye. This hair should be quite short. If desired, this area can be clipped down to a very fine length after the excess hair has been trimmed off. Do not clip hair on the forehead; only clip from the top of the nose to the eyes.

Step 6

Brush all the hair with the fine-toothed face comb. Touch up any uneven spots with the scissors.


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