How to Cut the Teddy Bear Style on a Pomeranian

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With dense double coats, Pomeranians look like the perfect snuggle buddies. A teddy bear cut on a Pomeranian will enhance your dog's cute and cuddly appearance while reducing the chance for tangles in the breed's long coat.

Clip your Pom to bring out his cuddly teddy bear style.
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Teddy bear cut pros and cons

Clipping your dog in a Pomeranian bear cut might look cute, but it has a practical side as well. A Pom's fluffy coat can require a significant time investment to properly bathe, brush, and comb it. The teddy bear clip reduces your dog's coat length to 1/2 inch to 1 inch all over his body. That means fewer tangles to brush and less time spent per weekly grooming session.


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However, if you plan to show your Pom, shaving his coat in a popular haircut, such as the teddy bear or lion cut, could destroy his ability to look like a ball of fluff. Long guard hairs and the dense undercoat should only be trimmed of straggly hairs on dogs who are headed for the show ring. Shaving them down can cause uneven regrowth and a patchy appearance, and extensive cutting is disallowed for dog shows.

Some dogs experience a condition known as post-clipping alopecia where they lose patches of hair. Pomeranians are a Nordic spitz breed with a lush undercoat supporting longer guard hairs. The double coat protects the dog from sun, heat, and cold when left in its natural state. Clipping the coat short disturbs the coat's natural function, making the skin more susceptible to conditions like hair loss and allergies.


The teddy bear haircut is a natural for a Pomeranian.
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Teddy bear haircut for a Pomeranian

The teddy bear cut for a Pomeranian differs from similar cuts, such as the lion cut or all-over shaving. The goal of the lion cut is to shear the hair as close to the skin as possible while leaving a "mane" around the head and long hairs at the end of the tail.


All-over shaving is commonly used by breeders to reduce grooming time and to protect puppies from choking on their mother's hair when nursing. By contrast, the teddy bear haircut leaves hair up to an inch long all over the body, creating the appearance of thick, fluffy legs and a soft, snuggly body.


Hair on the head and face is left longer to appear rounder, like the stuffed head of a teddy bear. The dense fur on the face is left longer to create the appearance of a short nose, fuller cheeks, and tiny, rounded ears.


Don't do it yourself

Because the Pomeranian is prone to uneven hair regrowth, you shouldn't attempt this look at home unless you're a well-experienced dog groomer. A slip of the clippers or scissors could result in an uneven appearance that could take a year or more to regrow if it ever does.


Make sure the groomer you choose has experience grooming Pomeranians. Clearly communicate what you want and what you don't want. Show the groomer photos of what you'd like your dog to look like. Listen to your groomer. An experienced Pom groomer will tell you ahead of time if your dog doesn't have thick enough facial hair to pull off the teddy bear look and will suggest alterations to make your dog look adorable in her own way.


This isn't a DIY dog hair cut.
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Finally, let your groomer know if your dog has hypothyroidism or any other condition that could prevent hair from regrowing evenly. The groomer might suggest a grooming regimen better suited for your dog that will keep her looking her best, feeling soft, smelling sweet, and ready for snuggles.



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