How Do I Teach My Husky to Howl?

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Huskies can be very independent, so be patient when training one.


Be sure to check local noise ordinances and obey any requests from your neighbors to stop your dog's howling. Your dog's training is your responsibility as the owner, but the dog will be the one to pay the penalty if he becomes a nuisance animal.

Training a husky should start early, when your dog is a puppy.

Huskies are independent, intelligent dogs who quite cheerfully own their humans unless properly trained. While your husky might feel he knows best all the time, it is your job as a responsible pet owner to teach him all the basic social graces (sit, stay, heel) so he can go about in society safely. Training with a husky must start early, when he is a puppy, and once he has learned the basics, you can have a little fun by teaching him some show tricks -- such as howling on cue.

Step 1

Howl softly to your husky puppy. While huskies tend to make different vocalizations from other dog breeds ("talking"or murmuring instead of barking), your puppy may be unfamiliar with the sound of howling. Accustom her to the sound by howling to her.

Step 2

Reward your puppy with a treat and affection when he replies to your howl with one of his own.


Step 3

Choose and use a hand sign when offering the vocal howl prompt, such as touching your ear or tapping your nose. Make it a gesture that you don't use commonly, so the dog realizes it is a prompt and doesn't get confused. Reward with food and affection when your puppy recognizes the non-verbal prompt by herself.

Step 4

Teach a cue for silence at the same time as you teach your puppy to howl so you can control his vocalizations.