Husky Facts for Kids

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Huskies are a popular breed for families with children.
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Huskies are fun-loving, energetic dogs who love to be around people and enjoy having a job to do. Since they have a high prey drive, it is best to watch them carefully around small animals such as cats, but they are loving with children and make great family dogs.

Where They Come From

Huskies originated in Siberia and were used to pull sleds, since their thick coats could withstand the harsh weather and temperatures. During the gold rush in Alaska, Huskies were used not only to transport goods, but also as amusement for miners in the form of dog races. During the diphtheria epidemic of that time, they were used to transport medicines and other supplies around Nome. In World War II, huskies were used as search and rescue dogs.

What They Look Like

Huskies are medium-sized dogs. Females weigh 35 to 50 pounds when full grown, while males weigh 45 to 60 pounds. Their coats are generally black, tan or red combined with white. They have fluffy tails that curl up and noses that may be tan, black or dark brown depending on the color of their coat. Some huskies have blue eyes, while others have brown eyes. Some may even have one of each, or both blue and brown in one eye.


What They Need

Huskies are bred to work hard and be high energy, so they need plenty of exercise and play time. They love to run and need a space where they can do so regularly to keep them happy. They need daily walks, too. Huskies have a thick undercoat, covered by a thinner overcoat and require regular brushing. Twice a year, usually in spring and fall, they blow their coat. This means that they shed even more than usual and will need daily brushing during those times to control the fur.

Fun Facts

Though a husky looks like a wolf and might scare some people, they are not good guard dogs. Huskies love people and want to be friends with everyone they meet. Even though they are heavy shedders, many people who suffer from dog hair allergies are not effected by husky fur. Huskies have been featured in books and movies such as White Fang and The North Runner.