How Do I Troubleshoot a CatGenie?

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The CatGenie litter box is a self-cleaning and scooping cat litter box. It comes with special, reusable litter that is washed by the machine either automatically or by pressing a button. When you set up the litter box, it needs to connect to drainage, and there is no need for you to dump or touch any litter. To prevent any malfunctions, it is important to install, use, and maintain the CatGenie according to the user's manual.


The CatGenie litter box is a self-cleaning and scooping cat litter box.
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CatGenie error 1

Error 1 indicates that your CatGenie may be clogged or that there is a problem with the water sensor. Remove the water sensor from the hopper and wipe it clean with a soft cloth. You may need a replacement sensor for it to work properly.


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Clear any clogs by removing the drain hose from the base. Shake the hose and run water into the hose to help clear any clogs. Check the hopper and remove any debris. Finally, perform a drain test to ensure the clog is cleared before putting the CatGenie back together. If the clog is not cleared, you may need to take the litter box apart for a more thorough cleaning, but this is rarely necessary if you are performing regular cleaning and maintenance.


CatGenie error 2

This error indicates some sort of water problem. If there isn't enough water, make sure the CatGenie is connected to a water source and that the water is turned on. If you are running your dishwasher or taking a shower at the same time the CatGenie is running, the water pressure may be too low for it to function properly.


If the problem is that there is too much water, make sure the water sensor is clean and the litter box is level. If you have a lot of lime in your water, it is possible that particles are clogging the holes. CatGenie Machine Maintenance Powder should remove the lime and get your CatGenie working properly again.


CatGenie error 3

If the CatGenie won't drain, you will see error 3.
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If the CatGenie won't drain, you will see error 3. Start troubleshooting by checking whether the litter granules are wet or dry. If they are dry but still dirty, this is likely due to lime particles blocking the water sensor. Clean the water sensor with a cloth and lemon juice.


If the litter granules are still wet, make sure that the drain hose is clear without any kinks that may prevent water flow. Check for and clear any clogs.


CatGenie error 4

Error 4 indicates that the dryer is overheating. Overheating is a potential fire hazard, so make sure to stay near the machine while troubleshooting. Make sure nothing is blocking the vents on the CatGenie and then wait for 20 minutes to allow the machine to cool. Press the start button to restart drying.


If this doesn't work or if it continues to overheat or has other problems, such as a burning smell, unplug the machine immediately. Contact CatGenie for support.

CatGenie troubleshooting with no error

No error code may indicate an issue with the setup or a clog somewhere in the machine.
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Sometimes, when troubleshooting, the CatGenie self-cleaning litter box won't work and yet there will be no error code. These problems may indicate an issue with the setup or a clog somewhere in the machine. Make sure that the hoses, bowl, and processing unit are all set up correctly. Review the manual to make sure you completed all of the installation instructions correctly. If these steps don't work, call the company for help in making the repair.



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