Do It Yourself Dog Grooming Table

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Things You'll Need

  • Waterproof folding table

  • Grooming arm

  • Leash

  • Anti-slip shower decals


Never leave a dog unattended on a grooming table. Grooming tables work because they elevate the dog, and he will stand still because he does not want to fall. However, some dogs will attempt to jump from the table, so you must be right beside the table at all times.


Have all your supplies nearby before beginning to wash or groom your dog. Once he is on the table, you should never be further away than an arm’s distance for safety.

Make your own grooming table.

A dog grooming table raises the level of your furry friend so you can reach him easily for bathing, trimming, drying or grooming. Unfortunately, most commercial dog grooming tables are pricey, and, while they offer the professional groomer a quality surface, they may cost more money than a typical dog owner wants to spend. Luckily, you can make your own grooming table for home use with a few supplies.


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Step 1

Find a folding table sturdy enough to hold your pooch. Molded plastic tables make long-lasting grooming tables that you can fold up and tuck away when not in use. Check underneath the top edge of the table, as you will need approximately 5-inches of flat area on which to fasten the grooming arm securely.


Step 2

Pick an adjustable grooming arm if various size dogs will use the table or if you have a puppy that will grow. Grooming arms come in all sizes and prices, but the most important factor is that yours will be long enough, when extended, to reach the top of your dog's head when he is sitting or standing upon the table.


Step 3

Peel and place anti-slip shower decals on the surface of the folding table to prevent your dog's feet from sliding when wet. These decals feature a textured surface that stops the dog from slipping all over the table. Because your dog is on a leash around his neck, it's imperative to provide a secure surface on which he will stand.


Step 4

Fasten the leash to the grooming bar that extends over the table or hook the leash to your dog's collar and wind it around the table when he is in place. Either way is fine, but keep in mind that a rowdy dog may fall off the table, creating an emergency situation. If this occurs, immediately tip the table over to keep the dog from choking.


Step 5

Large dogs can walk onto a table at porch height.

Position your table where your dog can easily step up onto it, especially if he is a large-breed dog. You may lift a small dog to the table, but that's not feasible for heavy dogs. Instead, push the back end of the table next to a deck or porch and lead your dog onto the table.


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