How to Find a Dog by AKC Registration Number

The American Kennel Club is one of the largest registries of pedigree dogs in the world today. Registering your dog can give him his place in history, and identify his pedigree for generations past and those yet to come. Registered dogs have a unique AKC registration number to help you and others locate him within the registry. Utilizing this registration number allows you to research your dog's ancestry.

Close up of a pug
Your dog's unique registration number secures his place in history.
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Research Your Pooch

Armed with your dog's AKC registration number, you can request additional information by visiting the American Kennel Club website. Sadly, this website won't assist you in finding your dog if he's become lost, however you can locate his registration information within the website. If you wish to obtain additional information the AKC can provide, visit the page and click on the owner's tab. This will open a page that allows you to order a report of your dog's awards and points or a history that will trace your dog's pedigree for four or five generations. This AKC Certified Pedigree includes information on your dog's ancestor's names, awards, if applicable, coloring and markings. For a nominal fee of less than $40, you can trace your dog's ancestry back for generations either in report form or as a pedigree certification worthy of framing.