How to Get Dog Hair Out of Velcro

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Things You'll Need

  • Velcro

  • Tweezers

  • Flea comb

  • Antistatic spray

Velcro attracts dog hair and other debris.

Velcro, the trademarked name for a brand of hook-and-loop tape, is often used on clothing, shoes and sports equipment for quick and easy fastening. Pulling Velcro apart creates static electricity, which attracts pet hair and other debris. The rough "hook" side of the tape, when left open, will pick up additional detritus. Clogged, dirty Velcro is unattractive and fails to fasten properly, but you can clean Velcro with common household objects.

Step 1

Come a clean piece of "hook" Velcro through the soiled piece of hook tape. The hooks will grab hair and pull it out.

Step 2

Pick or comb out additional pieces of hair with a flea comb and/or tweezers.

Step 3

Spray the Velcro with antistatic spray to prevent it from attracting hair in the future.

Step 4

Close pieces of Velcro together when washing them, or when the Velcro object is not in use to keep out hair and dirt.