How to Feed a Plecostomus Fish

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Things You'll Need

  • Plecostomus

  • Frozen Vegetables

  • Plecostomus Feeding Discs


Never overfeed your other tank fish, this will cause the Plec to eat food not intended for him.

A plecostomus can grow to reach more than 14 inches in length.

You have filled your tank with some of the most beautiful fish you could find. Your final addition is a Plecostomus. After a few short weeks, you notice your Plec (for short) is dirtying the tank with his droppings. You are overfeeding your Plecostomus. Feeding a Plec takes careful knowledge and understanding of this vegetarian fish.


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Step 1

Know when to feed. Plecostomus fish really only need to be fed once a day. They love to eat at night and rarely like to be seen during the day. Drop the food into the tank before bedtime and your plecostomus will be happy.

Step 2

Know what to feed. While most pet store shelves are littered with plecostomus discs, these will not give your plec the nutrients he needs. Try adding cucumber, peas or squash to the tank during feeding time. Plecs are natural herbivores and love fresh or frozen veggies.


Step 3

Know when he is eating too much. Plecostomus fish are very easy to read. If they are overeating, when they use the bathroom, their feces will come out as a thin black stream that stays attached to their bodies.