How to Fix the Bottom of a Chain Length Fence to Keep Dogs In

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Things You'll Need

  • Tent stakes

  • Hammer or mallet

  • Gravel

Secure gaps along the bottom of a chain link fence with tent stakes.

Chain link fencing is a popular option for many homeowners seeking a means to keep their dog secure and safe. Chain link is also used commercially by veterinarians, breeders and kennels to separate and secure dogs. There may be times when a gap is created along the bottom of a chain link fence, especially if a dog has been digging. Securing the gap between the ground and the fence can be accomplished with a minimum of supplies.

Step 1

Locate the section of fence where there is a gap between the ground and the chain link fencing.

Step 2

Move to a point where the fence is still near or in contact with the ground and just before the gap between the fence and ground begins.

Step 3

Place a tent stake with a hook next to the chain link fence with the hook toward the fence.

Step 4

Drive the stake into the ground with a hammer or mallet making sure that the hook catches the lower wire of the chain link. Drive the stake securely into the ground.

Step 5

Position the next stake 8 inches from the first and drive into the ground with the hook of the stake catching the fence. Continue installing tent stakes across the gap. Fill the depression with gravel to help deter future damage to the area.