How to Find Small Dogs for Adoption

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Young French bulldog laying on grass field.
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Sadly, animal shelters are filled to the brim with unwanted dogs. Not just mixed-breed puppies find themselves staring through the bars of a cage. Shelters are a melting pot of small and large dogs, pedigreed and otherwise; and the little dog you desire might be waiting for you inside your local rescue or animal control department.

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Adopting Your Friend

Check with your local animal shelter or dog rescue and schedule a time to meet and talk about the type of dog you have in mind. Small dogs, in particular, often end up in shelters because they were companions for animal lovers who have passed away. If your local shelters don't pan out, try networking on social media to connect with small dogs in need, and look for specific-breed rescue organizations, which may be closer than you think. Once you locate your potential new friend, be prepared to file an application with the rescue or shelter and pay an adoption fee. Rescues and shelters may request a veterinary reference and a home visit to ensure you can adequately provide for the pet. They will likely ask about other four-legged family members and may offer to dog- or cat-test your potential new friend to make sure he'll easily transition into life with your family.