How to Fix the Spring in a Flexi Leash

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How to Fix the Spring in a Flexi Leash
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A flexi leash is a retractable dog leash that allows your dog to venture away from you and return without ever having too much slack in the leash that you can trip over or get tangled in. If your flexi leash stops working, you may need to repair the spring in your retractable dog leash holder.


Retractable dog leash spring

Retractable dog leashes have a spring-loaded device inside the handle that the cord of the leash wraps around. As your dog pulls forward and the leash lengthens, the spring tension increases. When your dog moves closer, the tension in the spring causes the leash to retract. However, if your leash fails to retract, you may need to repair the flexi leash by replacing the spring.


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Before you decide to do this on your own, check the warranty on your flexi leash. Flexi offers a two-year limited warranty, but if you open the casing and attempt a repair on your own, you invalidate the warranty. If your leash is still covered, it is better to reach out to the company to have it professionally repaired or replaced.


How to fix a spring

  • Open the casing.​ If you decide to repair the flexi leash on your own, the first step is to open the casing. The case is two pieces of plastic that are connected by screws or pins with the spring and other components secured inside. Take care when opening the casing and make a note of each component and how they fit together so that you can reassemble the leash correctly.
  • Check the model.​ Some flexi leashes have screws on the outside of the casing that you can remove with a screwdriver and easily open the casing. Other models do not have these screws, but you can still open the casing by prying the two pieces of plastic apart using a flathead screwdriver. Be careful not to crack the casing if you opt for this method.
  • Replace the spring.​ Remove the spring and get a replacement at your local hardware store or order one online. Put the spring back into place and wind up the cord of the leash so that it is fully retracted.
  • Reassemble.​ Now, reassemble the leash and secure the screws to hold the casing together. Test the leash to make sure it is working properly.


When to replace the leash

Knowing how to fix a flexi retractable leash can help extend the life of your leash, but there comes a time when it is best to simply replace it. If your repair efforts aren't successful, the cord of the leash is fraying, or the casing has cracked, it is best to purchase a new one. Don't continue to walk your dog with a damaged leash, as this can be dangerous, and even retractable leashes that are working properly can lead to serious injury.


A cord that isn't retracting smoothly and reliably can cause serious risks. If you grab the cord and it retracts, you can get rope burns on your hands. If the cord gets tangled around your hand or fingers, a retracting leash or a pulling dog can break your fingers and potentially even amputate them. In addition, if your dog's collar or the snap on the leash breaks, the leash can retract quickly, hitting you in the eye or face and potentially causing serious injury.



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