How to Fold a Collapsible Dog Cage

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Folding a collapsible dog crate is easy. Because most cages have a similar folding pattern, once you get the hang of collapsing yours, you should be able to fold up almost any other. At worst, you might pinch your fingers the first time you try to fold a dog crate, but if you're careful, the steps will be quick and easy and will help you pack the cage in no time.


Folding a collapsible dog crate is easy but usually must be done a certain way.
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Before you do so, though, think about the effect that moving a dog cage may have on your pet. Dogs like routine and familiarity. When you move a dog's food or water bowl, change his bedding, or move his dog crate (especially if that's where he sleeps), it can create anxiety in your dog.


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Look at the sides and tops

The first step to collapsing a foldable dog cage is to check the top and each of the four sides. What you're looking for are the latches where the sides meet so you can unhook the different pieces. All of the parts will stay in contact as you collapse it; you won't need to keep track of different pieces of the cage.


What you're looking for is a small piece or pieces on the top or one of the sides that snap or interlock with the top or the side next to the piece. Once you've located these, you can start unhooking them and collapsing the crate.

Start at the top

Depending on the cage, you may have to release the sides or the front first.
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After you've closed the cage door or doors and secured them shut, look at the top of the cage. Look at where the sides meet the roof to find the two sides that collapse into the cage. You'll know them because these are the only two that have two hooks or bars that connect to the top.


These keep the cage intact by applying pressure so the tops and sides press against each other. Depending on the cage you have, you'll either gently lift the top of the cage to release the two hooks or gently press down on the top of the cage, free it from the two hooks, and then lift it up again.


Collapse two sides inward

You'll know you've done this correctly when you can push the side wall into the cage, where it will collapse onto the floor. After you've done one side, repeat the process on the other. You'll now have the two sides (the two smaller sides on a diagonal dog cage) lying flat on the bottom of the cage. The other two sides and top should now be wobbly.



Push the cage sideways

The rest of the process involves pushing the cage to one side so all three pieces lie flat with the top in the middle. When you push the wobbly crate onto its side, one of the sides will rest on top of the two sides you pushed inward. The top will rest on the side that is now lying outside of the other (not on top of the bottom of the cage).


You will be able to fold this side and the top that's lying on top of it over onto the other three pieces, making a neat stack. Now, look for a clasp or hook — a piece of metal that will hold all five sides/top in place so you can easily pick up the cage without the crate unfolding. Some cages have them, and some don't.


Find help for your collapsible dog crate

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If you have a dog crate that has a unique take-down system, the quickest way to figure out how to collapse it is to find the model number, go to YouTube, and enter the model and number. You may be able to find helpful videos made by owners of these types of cages and/or videos from the companies that make them.

You might also be able to find the owner's manual and instructions by doing a web search. If you're still stuck, post a picture of the cage on your social media and see if any of your friends can help.



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