How to Fold Up a Metal Dog Cage

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Watch your fingers! It's easy to pinch your fingers between the metal bars as the crate begins to collapse and fold.


When folding the body of the metal cage, let the crate fall away from the latching device. Then fold the crate over on itself, securing it with the latch.

When traveling with a dog, many hotels require you to keep your dog contained in a crate if you are not in the room with him. Metal dog crates provide a secure environment for your dog with plenty of ventilation. The crates fold easily when not in use to slide under a bed or stand in the back of a closet.

Step 1

Shut the front door -- and the side door if your crate is equipped with it. Metal cages will not fold down properly if doors are not securely latched. The cage must be completely empty of all toys, bowls, blankets and liners.

Step 2

Fold down one short side. Find the two wire tabs that secure the side panel on one of the short sides of the crate. Press down on the crate between these two tabs to release their grip on the top wire of the crate. Pull the side toward you just far enough to allow you to unlatch the side of the crate. Lift gently on the top panel and fold the entire side of the crate down to the floor. Repeat the unlatching process on the other end of the crate.


Step 3

Fold the body of the crate. After releasing both ends, push the crate to one side and it will flatten itself against the floor. Fold the top part of the crate that is lying off to the side back onto the body of the crate and latch it to keep the crate from unfolding during transportation or storage.