How to Give a Yorkie Girl a Haircut

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Things You'll Need

  • Slicker brush

  • Fine-tooth comb or deshedding comb

  • Electric dog grooming clippers

  • Clipper gates

  • Bow (optional)

  • Rubber band or hair clip (optional)

Brushing your Yorkshire terrier's hair fully will make it easier to trim.

When its hair is left long, a Yorkshire terrier has a distinctive look. Long, flowing locks that shimmer in brown, black and gold as it moves is a hallmark of the breed. However, much like human hair, long Yorkie hair must be maintained and even cut away sometimes. Weather changes or the development of too many mats in the hair usually mean it's time for a haircut. Deciding whether to leave the hair long, trim it short or completely away are decisions an owner must make before giving a Yorkie girl a haircut.


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Step 1

Determine what style of haircut you want to give your Yorkshire terrier, such as leaving it long all the way around, short on the chest and torso and long on the legs, or shaved all the way around except for the top of the head and tail.

Step 2

Brush the terrier's hair with a slicker brush in the direction that the hair is growing. Use a fine-tooth comb, such as a deshedding comb, if you come across any matted fur in the dog's coat. Use scissors to cut away any mats that you cannot remove with the comb. Hold the clump of hair by the teeth of the comb and cut below it with the scissors.


Step 3

Use scissors and electric dog grooming clippers to trim the hair to the desired length. Use the scissors only if you plan to leave your dog's hair long, trimming any uneven spots and any hair away from the base of the tail, mouth and eyes.

Step 4

Use the electric clippers equipped with a medium-length clipper gate attachment and trim the hair on the Yorkshire terrier's body and neck the same length. Switch to a slightly bigger clipper gate and trim the dog's legs and face. Use scissors to trim around the eyes, mouth and base of tail as well as even any uneven cuts left by the clippers.


Step 5

Remove any clipper gate attachment and shave the dog's fur from the neck, chest, torso, legs and tail (except for the end of the tail) until just a fine layer of hair remains. Attach a short clipper gate onto the clippers and trim the end of the tail, top of the head and sides of the face. Use scissors to trim around the eyes, mouth and the base of the tail.


Step 6

Brush your Yorkie's hair again for long and medium haircuts. Use your hand to brush away any hair clippings from Yorkie's with a shaved hair cut.

Step 7

Add a colorful bow with a rubber band or a hair clip to the top of your Yorkie girl's head.